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Viravar: Women’s Complete DHEA Hormonal Support

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Women’s Complete DHEA Hormonal Support

Ingredients & Instructions:

Dehydroepiandrosterone (19Nor-DHEA), Dehydroepiandrosterone (5-DHEA), Dehydroepiandrosterone (4-DHEA), Dehydroepiandrosterone (1-DHEA): 42 mg


Mix 2ml (2 full droppers) with 2-8 oz of distilled water.


Women’s Complete DHEA Hormonal Support. Viravar DHEA Isomers provide the building blocks for the body to restore optimal hormone levels, so we can look and feel our best at any age.



PROBLEM: Chemical toxins are destroying our natural hormonal homeostasis and preventing us from reaching optimal fitness, health, and vitality.

SOLUTION: Viravar DHEA Isomers provide the building blocks for the body to restore optimal hormone levels, so we can look and feel our best at any age!

Hormones drive everything in our bodies from our mental state to our level of fitness and our overall sense of wellbeing, but as we age these levels of natural hormones decrease, which hinders our ability to be at peak wellness and vitality. Additionally, unlike ever before, we are bombarded with chemicals that interfere with our bodies ability to utilize nutrients and properly balance hormones. Studies suggest that a number of factors, such as environmental xenoestrogens, cause modern women to be more likely to suffer from a state of estrogen dominance through adulthood and several additional hormonal imbalances upon reaching menopause.

DHEA has been on the market for nearly 30 years and has been used by men and women to reduce aging and increase fitness. DHEA is considered a master hormone in the body and standard DHEA does have some usefulness, but it misses key pathways and metabolites that can positively affect your vital state. Through years of research and scientific testing, we have found what seems to be the perfect ratio of DHEA isomers to give both men and women advanced nutrition for optimal wellness. DHEA has been shown in preliminary studies to combat obesity, increase fitness, optimize mental wellness and increase focus when combined with a healthy lifestyle of exercise and die

We’ve learned a lot in 30 years and now the market has a cascade of biologically active isomers of DHEA that can be tailored to fit men and women who wish to optimize hormone levels.

DHEA (Nor-Isomer) is produced in times of stress and/or heavy exercise to reduce fatigue and enhance recovery. With the low conversion to estrogen and higher activity level in muscle cells (compared to other tissue) this DHEA pairs nicely with the others for optimizing a feminine figure, and wellness and may help optimize the body’s response to stress from modern life.

DHEA (1-Isomer) is the primary body composition DHEA isomer that converts to androgens without increasing estrogen. Recent studies have shown that increasing hormones at the precise ratio can even help women to achieve optimal wellness without side effects!

DHEA (4-Isomer) is a secondary metabolite of androgen production that can add to a cascade of hormones to help the modern female increase health with a conversion to other hormones, including testosterone. The 4-isomer provides key metabolites for better health.

DHEA (5-Isomer) is the primary adrenal hormone of this variety but suffers from too high a conversion to secondary metabolites to be optimal on its own and thus a small amount is given to supply these metabolites without going above healthy thresholds.

Viravar contains all four isomers of DHEA (three patented) along with SENDS, a patent-pending carrier, to optimize absorption since standard DHEA sold in stores has very poor bioavailability. It was designed to help you fight the war against aging, to keep you looking and feeling your best by supplying an optimal dose of adrenal DHEA hormones. When combined with a proper diet and exercise program, Viravar provides the support needed to enhance your physical appearance in all areas and boost your state of well-being.

SENDS is our patent pending delivery technology, which sets up a key matrix of carriers to greatly enhance intestinal absorption. This uniquely formulated carrier has been shown to increase the bioavailability of nutrients by over 4000%, with especially large increases seen in the absorption of poorly utilized ingredients such as plant extracts and hormones. By combining the SENDS delivery system with DHEA isomers, we know you will find this product to be invaluable in your fight to look and feel your best!

At Valhalla, we prioritize vitality, which is defined as the state of being strong and having energy. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and social responsibility include goals to vastly extend life while increasing the quality of life each and every year on our planet.

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Sends Technology

Our Patent Pending S.E.N.D.S. emulsifying in distilled water. The below video shows Curcuvar.

Attention! Consult your doctor before taking supplements