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Valhalla Vitality

Product X-10: Bioavailable Plant-Based Super Tonic

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Valhalla VitalityBioavailable Plant-Based Super Tonic



Chemicals in the modern world cause side effects that impact metabolism, aging, reproductive health, and overall vitality.


X-10 is the most advanced matrix of plant-based nutrients that lead to overall vitality and health in the modern world.

X-10 is a complete plant-based nutritional extract matrix for maximum vitality. Using our SENDS (TM) delivery mechanism allows a maximum amount of plant extracts to get into the system compared to standard pills which can have as little as 0.3% absorption. SENDS is a matrix of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that provide maximum absorption over standard preparations.

Ursolic acid: this amazing plant extract helps build muscle tone, reduces insulin resistance, and detoxifies the liver. Ursolic acid has an amazing body of science behind it however it is very poorly absorbed.

Curcumin: This extract of turmeric root reduces inflammation, fights cellular mutations, and reduces mortality due to cardiovascular issues. Like Ursolic Acid, curcumin has poor bioavailability and a short half-life in the body.

Berberine: This nutrient helps fight insulin resistance and may help with overall fitness and vitality by assisting the body in shuttling nutrients into the cells.

Pycnogenol: a master antioxidant that protects arteries and reduces skin again by mopping up free radicals caused by pollution and modern life. Pycnogenol recharges vitamin in the cells and has antioxidant value. Mostly expressed in the skin and blood vessels, pycnogenol reduces cellular aging in those tissues.

Grape Seed: These proanthocyanidins extracted from grape seed can protect the blood vessels and support cardiovascular health impacted by pollution and a modern diet.

Quercetin: this flavonoid has benefits for immunity against virus infection and may also reduce inflammation and allergic reactions.

Ellagic Acid: this extract from raspberries can reduce the effects of xenoestrogens in the body which may lead to hormonal imbalance.

Resveratrol: by increasing the activity of DNA repair, this micronutrient found in red wine has beneficial effects on cardiovascular health and vitality while again.

Green Tea Extract: green tea has been shown to promote weight loss, provide antioxidant capacity, and may reduce the chances of developing cancer in the body. Standardized for ECGC and other natural constituents, green tea extract promotes overall vitality in the body.

Rutin: This flavonoid found in dark beer and many plants has so many health benefits, that it has been dubbed nature’s ultimate vitality-boosting agent. In numerous studies, it’s shown to reduce heart disease, blood pressure, and risk of cancer, improve mood and reduce the likelihood of cognitive decline.

All of the constituents of X-10 have very poor bioavailability and thus, married to our SENDS delivery method will allow for maximal vitality without taking tens of pills per day.

Sends Technology

Our Patent Pending S.E.N.D.S. emulsifying in distilled water. The below video shows Curcuvar.

Attention! Consult your doctor before taking supplements