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Boostavar: All Natural Anabolic

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All Natural Anabolic

Ingredients & Instructions:

Ecdysterone 98% (Cyanotis Arachnoides Extract): 100 mg

Epicatechin 90% (Green Tea Extract): 100 mg

Turkesterone 20% (Ajuga Turkestanica Extract): 50 mg


Take 1-2 mL (Full dropper) in 2-8 oz of water up to 2 times daily


Protein Synthesis Optimizer. This natural enhancement supplement has been meticulously engineered with nothing but the best ingredients and quality-tested for peak results.


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Problem:  Natural Anabolics have low bioavailability making it nearly impossible to get a sufficient dose to see great results.

Solution: Boostavar combines the protein synthesis boosting effects of the powerful anabolic compounds, Turkesterone, ecdysterone and epicatechin, with SENDS technology to increase bioavailability by 100x compared to standard capsules.

Turkesterone is an exciting new naturally anabolic compound that has amazing effects on muscle building and fat loss.  This poorly absorbed compound is typically taken multiple times each day in massive quantities to see results, however users experience such great results that this compound has gained massive popularity in the fitness industry. 

Ecdysterone is a compound with nearly identical effects to turkesterone, known for its ability to boost protein synthesis.  This effect makes muscle building and fat loss in users much more pronounced by enhancing nutrient utilization in the body.  Increased protein synthesis is the marker for truly anabolic products.  With this increase the body is capable of building new muscle faster and preventing the conversion of amino acids into glucose which is then stored as fat.

Epicatechin is a component of green tea extract that has been demonstrated to have amazing effects on muscular development and aerobic capacity.  The effects of epicatechin are derived from the compounds ability to inhibit myostatin.  Myostatin functions in the body to suppress excess muscular development, which in times of famine could have been a deadly characteristic.  With an overabundance of calories in the modern diet, inhibiting myostatin has many health benefits such as promoting more stable blood sugar levels, as well as improved nutrient utilization and fat reduction. 

Boostavar leverages the synergistic effect of these three compounds by boosting protein synthesis to create an anabolic muscle building and fat burning state.  SENDS technology has been ground breaking, making each of these compounds easily utilized by the body and more effective than ever thought possible.  Much of the hype that has been created by each of these compounds has been due to spectacular lab results, however real world application never seemed to hold up.  SENDS technology is what has allowed us to bridge that gap, bringing lab quality results to real world applications.

Sends Technology

Our Patent Pending S.E.N.D.S. emulsifying in distilled water. The below video shows Curcuvar.

Attention! Consult your doctor before taking supplements