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Solutions for Holistic Wellness


At Valhalla Vitality we strive to create and provide easy access to the tools people need to achieve peak wellness.  These tools come in the form of education, dietary supplements, topicals and devices that give individuals power and control over their health and happiness.  Our team is dedicated to using the most up to date research to develop cutting-edge technologies for a holistic approach to wellness.  We believe that leveraging modern knowledge and tools with a holistic approach to wellness will allow humans to redefine our limits as both a species and as individuals.  With the right tools we can enhance our physical and mental performance, slow the process of aging, maintain better health and extend our lifespan; and Valhalla Vitality wants to be part of your team in reaching these goals.

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Patent Pending SENDS Technology

To ensure we provide only the highest quality products to our customers we use patent pending SENDS technology to enhance bioavailability and absorption of ingredients.  SENDS technology creates an advanced matrix of ingredients to make hard-to-absorb nutrients readily bioavailable. SENDS creates a nano-emulsified liquid delivery matrix that increases nutrient absorption by up to 100x compared to standard capsules.

Health Benefits of THCV


SENDS technology